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Dallas Corporate Seminars and Conferences Video Production Service

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Corporate Seminars and Conferences


Dallas Event Marketing Video Production Services from S-Films

Part of our specialty is covering corporate seminars and conferences.  We’ve been asked to do everything from a one camera in the back of the room setup, to a live webcast through Google Hangouts, complete with multi-cameras and a switcher.

Conference video coverage usually breaks down into these categories: Simple one-camera record and run; multi-camera coverage; shooting for iMag (image magnification); and broadcast.  We have shot and handed footage over to our clients to take back to their in-house department to edit, and we’ve provided turn-key, all the way to finished edit for some clients.

The simplest approach is the one person, one camera shoot.  The videographer sets up in the room and shoots the speaker.  Audio is patched through the in-house sound, or a wireless lav mic from the videographer is put on the speaker.  Occasionally we’ll be asked to provide a video out so that iMag can happen, but generally, that’s not asked for in a simple one camera shoot.

Multicamera shoots provide a much more interesting finished video.  Now you can cut between angles.  One camera is usually “centerfield” and the other is on the side, able to get the speaker, but also able to get cutaways of the audience.  For three or more, you can have the centerfield camera stay wide, another camera relatively center is tight (or the “hero” camera) and the third is front of the room to shoot the audience.  We’ve done as many as 8 cameras and it all depends on what is happening (roundtable events, etc).  Sound is fed from the board into one camera.

For broadcasting, on television or the internet, multiple cameras and a video switcher is used.  The cameras are fed into the switcher, and a technical director calls up different cameras for the main feed– the video output from the switcher.  This might go to the iMag screens, or sent to a live feed (like the Google Hangouts scenario) or just recorded, already pretty much edited.  If you do record the main or “program” feed, usually you can also record each camera’s feed or “iso” (isolated recording).

Lately, we are rarely asked for DVD’s– instead, clients are asking for video files they can add to their corporate library for training and education.  We may be asked to send a smaller video file, or the client may ask for the high def version.  We are well practiced on delivering whichever– all events and shows are shot in HD video these days anyway.