If you’re burning with a killer idea for a documentary, you’re probably going to need an experienced documentary film production company in Dallas to shoot it for you. If this is your first documentary film, it’s imperative to find a production company with experience. And then there’s the ever present issue of budget.  Finding an experienced and talented documentary film production company while you have limited funds may seem like an impossible feat. However, the following tips will help you find a talented documentary film production company:


Look at documentaries that have the similar subject as yours. Fast forward to the end and have a look at the credits. Who produced it? Jot down the name and give them a call. You may also want to search for documentary film companies on film production sites. These sites help you find companies via location. Posting an advertisement on Craigslist also works. If you’re completely new to documentary filmmaking, you might want to Google search for “video/film production companies”according to your area. Smaller production companies have less overhead.  But be careful, the guy operating his company out of his garage might not have everything you need to make the documentary.  You’re looking for a company that can handle run and gun shooting—with crews from one person to three.  And at times, multiple crews.

Production Value

To make a documentary film that gets any kind of distribution—whether on the big screen or on youtube, it’s important that you maximize production value.  This is the quality of the filmmaking.  First timers, with micro budgets, can find friends and students to jump in and assist, but often, the final result is pretty close to unwatchable and the documentary never really sees the light of day.  Even with micro budgets, make sure you use camera operators who know how to frame a shot, sound people who can get clean production audio on the go, and editors who know how to craft the story.

Search local directories

Each state has its local film commission with a crew local listing. Review sample reels and credits to find matches for your project. You may also want to contact the film department at your local college or university. They may be able to shoot the documentary for you or point you towards a documentary film production company in Dallas that will. You can also try contacting the documentary filmmaking organizations.

Attend local film festivals

Speak to organizers of your local film festival and ask them for suggestions on documentary filmmakers who may be able to shoot your film. With their experience the filmmakers can guide from the start to end. They know the complete process of writing the script, production, direction, post production and release.

Social Media Connections

Become a member of a filmmaker’s chat room to connect with the like-minded people. Pitch your project on this platform. You are going to get many responses but check the references thoroughly.  You can also join special portal that connects people who are interested in making documentaries and videos.

Contact an organization of your subject matter

For example, if your documentary is on the lung cancer, approach hospitals that have had videos made by filmmakers on this subject. Hiring a crew who knows about your subject area will result in a documentary that is well shot and effective.

Making your first documentary film can be both challenging and exciting, but by hiring the right documentary film production company in Dallas, you will succeed. You will be able to make the right impact on the target audience and communicate the message.