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A Frequently Asked Question about Producing Professional Music Videos

By July 8, 2013No Comments

One of the most common queries that we receive, are questions about producing music videos. And the question that is asked, is how much does it cost.

There are many variables that go into accurately estimating the production costs of a music video. How many days of shooting are required? Is there choreography? Are there other actors, or dancers? Are there any special effects? Computer affects?

Most of the music videos that we make, usually start at around $5000 and move up from there, depending on the variables. We have gone lower on occasion, but a standard video might be in the neighborhood of $15,000.

Some people are genuinely surprised at the cost. They might have a relative or a buddy who owns a camera and some editing software. And they can get it done for $400 or $500. The music video service we provide, is high-end, broadcast quality. We use specialized tools like jibs, and sliders.

If you do have a question about producing your music video, please feel free to contact us.

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