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Are you leveraging social media for branding and traffic?

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leveraging social media branding
Although it’s a fairly new technology, social media has quickly become one of the best places for people to share stories, life experiences, and pictures, and keep in touch with friends and family. Since most social media websites usually have thousands or even millions of people at the same time online, they are the perfect place for businesses to expand their client base and draw traffic to their website through the use of video.

Using video and having a solid video marketing strategy will help your company become an industry leader. Video usually encourages people to share and has a multiplying effect when their friends can also see it and find out about the product or service that is covered in the video.

Videos are much more likely to go viral through social media

While pictures and text also tend to go viral sometimes, videos are usually the ones that are the most likely to go viral due to their ability to clearly communicate emotion. People tend to connect to video a lot faster and it usually is much more memorable mainly because of the larger amount of information it provides to a user in a small period of time. Videos can also incorporate other types of media, making them a lot more visually interesting, and it appeals to more senses, so it’s more likely to reach a wider audience.

Facebook is a good popular avenue for video marketing

Videos on Facebook are extremely popular and are always being shared. When a person posts a fun or informative video to his/her audience, it won’t take much time until people start to view it, comment on it, and share it with their friends. And since Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, the possibilities of who could watch it are endless. Recently Facebook announced that companies will be able to run video ads on its website, which basically means that people will be able to view commercials directly on the site without the need to leave the already familiar community.

YouTube is owned by Google and  can send you a lot of traffic

Usually video can be easily incorporated in social media and various types of websites. It usually only involves integrate a link to your website where people can easily play it there directly or on YouTube. YouTube makes it where people can easily share video and embed it on their sites if they want to. Being the second most popular search engine, YouTube has the potential to send a flood of qualified people to your website ready to make a purchase.

Also studies suggest that having a video on your Facebook profile will give you a lot more attention than those profiles that don’t have one. This is mainly because a lot of people tend to take video more seriously and perceive it as higher value than images or text based content.

In conclusion, the best thing to do when looking to expand your customer base is to create a video that showcases services, shows the strengths and benefits through storytelling. Make it emotionally appealing and memorable and it will be more likely to captivate your audience and make them feel compelled to share it. Often we find that the video production process can be overwhelming with the right script, actors, setting, story, and other critical elements that go into it. Our job is to simplify that and help you craft the perfect video that make your brand look professional and sophisticated.

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