New Seminar Classes!

Starting in the spring, we’re having a series of evening seminars covering filmmaking, writing, directing, acting and more.  These will be held on Monday evenings at Serendipitous Films in Fort Worth and will include dinner.  They all start at 6pm and go to 8:30 or 9pm.  All classes are $39.  Seating is going to be limited and also there will be a 5 person minimum.  If class doesn’t make, full amount will be refunded.  Once class is full, we will stop registrations on it.  Register at the SFilms store.

Monday March 26 Greenlight Yourself

This evening session will cover some basics about how to make your own feature film.  Emphasis will be placed on exact steps to get started, fundraising and the end game– distribution.  We’ll also cover topics like how to get name talent and short cuts and insider tips from a filmmaker who’s made five feature films.

Monday April 2 Directing Film

Seminar ClassesWe’ll cover the necessary tips and techniques for people wishing to learn how to direct.  The emphasis here is on the dramatic– we’ll cover both technical info concerning camera movement, blocking and shooting for the edit, as well as working with actors to get what you need from the performance.

Monday April 9 Writing Screenplays

For the writer who already has screenplays under his or her belt to the person who would like to get that idea down into script format, we’ll cover technical, where the rubber meets the road, information to help get the most of of your screenplay.  We’ll also talk about the industry– different routes for getting your screenplay produced, and what directions you can take.

Monday April 16 Editing Dramatic

In this class, we’ll take a look at how to edit a dramatic scene.  We’ll cover the craft of storytelling through editing.  There’s a reason a wide shot is used and a reason it’s not.  Or when to cut in on the close up.  We will take a look at action raw footage and see what goes into the cutting.  This class is also perfect for the actor, writer and director– much can be improved in your performance by seeing what goes into the thought process in post production.

Monday April 23 Acting: A Director’s POV

Calling all actors– here’s a seminar that’s told Director to Actor– not just Actor to Actor.  You’ll learn information about what a director is thinking in the audition and selection phase as well as what they’re thinking on the set.  This seminar will give you some tips to send you to the front of the line for landing that role and avoiding the cutting room floor.

Monday April 30 TBA

This might be a repeat of any that sell out.  We’ll announce what we’ve got going as soon as we know.


Remember– register at the Store before the seats are all filled.

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