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Seminars WorkshopsReel road lessons for actors and filmmakers.  We have offered the following seminars and workshops:

Acting: A Director’s POV — Not actor to actor, but director to actor– real information about what the director is thinking from audition, through shooting to the edit room.  Give yourself a better shot at landing the role and not being left ont he cutting room floor.

Greenlight Yourself — The 6 Phases of Filmmaking.  Perfect for the writer or director looking for information on how to do it yourself.  In addition to the seminar, a 3+ hour DVD is available.

Screenfighting and SFX for Actors — learn to give and take punches, like falls, handle weapons like a pro and learn to take a squib.

How To Direct Features — for the director in training.  We go through the skillsets necessary to pull off directing a feature film.

How To Edit Dramatic — a practical experience in editing dramatic scenes.  We take actual footage from Serendipitous movies and cut together scenes.

Feature Writing — The big factors that can instantly impact your story and make your script more producable and sellable.

Actor Demos — This has been an extremely popular tool.  When you sign up, we consult with you to write a short original scene, then we shoot it in conjuncture with others to make it look like it was ripped from an indie film.

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