Top 5 Corporate Video Genres

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Here are the top five corporate video genresCommercial Studio Shoot in use today.  The important word is “today.”  It’s amazing how much the industry has changed in the last couple of decades.  Because new technologies result in new video uses and corporate video genres.  Decades ago, corporate video was fairly exclusive to training and advertising.  Consequently, tomorrow’s list might be different.

Top 5 Styles or Genres of Corporate Video Today

  1. Internet Marketing – Social media creates a whole new usage for corporate video.  Facebook, twitter and instagram have become important avenues for telling your corporate story.  Or highlighting a product or service, like this.
  2. Training/Education – Getting all the employees on the same page requires consistent training and education.  This is a key benefit of utilizing video in your learning department.  A video is going to say the same thing, the same way, every time.  And the words have been carefully chosen.  When a speaker is in front of the room lecturing, who knows what will be said this time over last time.
  3. Commercials – The television commercial spot is a key source for advertising the company product or service.  The commercial spot breaks down into three groups, based on geography.  Local, Regional and National.  This is because talent usage fees change dramatically on the geography.
  4. Corporate Communications – Internally, it’s important to let the employees know what’s going on and video is a key component of the median. Most commonly, video is a great tool for making in company announcements.  It is a perfect way to show and not just tell.
  5. Event Videos – Many companies and corporations spend a lot of time and resources  on company seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings.  Event video coverage records these meetings and become a treasure trove of corporate information to be used in training, orientation, education and morale building.

Corporate Video Genre Lengths

In today’s world, corporate video genres are short.  Yesteryear’s hour long training films are long forgotten.  Therefore, videos for today’s audience call for fast pace with short edits.  With YouTube and viral videos, people’s attention spans are much shorter than they were a few decades ago.  90 second videos have become the new norm.  A few years ago, that was two minutes.  Messages must be told in clear and concise ways.

Finally, for engaging content, videos are strongest when they fall into one or more of these three categories:

  1. Humorous
  2. Emotional (pulling on the heart strings)
  3. Sensational

Funny, heartfelt and “wow, can you believe what I just saw?” drive the video content of today.  In conclusion, when looking for the appropriate corporate video genre, consider these factors.  If we can help you here at SFilms with your corporate video needs, let us know.

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