5 Worst Actor Auditions

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Actor Auditions from the Director’s POV As a director, I have sat through some really powerful actor auditions.  And we’ve discussed important things to do when auditioning, whether for a feature film, corporate video or a commercial.  But today, I’m going to mention five things you should never do when auditioning.  I could play you some pretty incredible audition videos, but I don’t think I could ever get the talent releases. 5 Worst Actor Auditions Face Covered By Sides – I have one audition tape where the whole time, the actor is covering up.  I don’t know if it was his first time, but I hope so.  An egregious error like this from someone with any kind of training is a hope killer for new work. Trouble Reading – A real painful to watch audition, is the one where the…

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Hair and Makeup for the Corporate Film or Video

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Are You Ready For Your Corporate Film Closeup? Welcome to another Sfilms165, corporate film help in 165 seconds or less.   Let’s talk about being Hair and Makeup Ready for the Camera. If you are getting ready to do a corporate film interview, representing your company, you will certainly want to look your best and be prepared.  If you don’t have the benefit of having a Professional Makeup Artist on set for your interview, you will want to take these tips into consideration. Why is Makeup Necessary for the Corporate Film? The camera and lights can sometimes wash out your skin tone.  Therefore Makeup is necessary to help you look your best, cover blemishes, take care of a shiny face, and accentuate your natural features.  In the olden days, the technology was fairly poor and the film running through the camera needed a lot…

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the keyman adam baldwin acting tips

Top 3 Acting Tips – Movie Director to Actors

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Acting Tips from a Movie Director There are many acting tips from actors to actors.  Not much from directors to actors.  I have directed five feature films and have worked with hundreds of actors. (My first film “The Keyman” starring Adam Baldwin is available on iTunes and Amazon Prime).  Some of them famous, many of them local to the locations and cities we shot the film in.  But there are a couple of things I wish every actor knew on the set.  Things that could save me time and money in production.  Time and money allows me to spend more on areas I need it to tell the story. Director’s Job First of all, let me tell you what my job is as film director: Guardian of the Story.  Every decision I make should go through this filer– does it help…

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Top 5 Corporate Video Genres

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Here are the top five corporate video genres in use today.  The important word is “today.”  It’s amazing how much the industry has changed in the last couple of decades.  Because new technologies result in new video uses and corporate video genres.  Decades ago, corporate video was fairly exclusive to training and advertising.  Consequently, tomorrow’s list might be different. Top 5 Styles or Genres of Corporate Video Today Internet Marketing – Social media creates a whole new usage for corporate video.  Facebook, twitter and instagram have become important avenues for telling your corporate story.  Or highlighting a product or service, like this. Training/Education – Getting all the employees on the same page requires consistent training and education.  This is a key benefit of utilizing video in your learning department.  A video is going to say the same thing, the same way, every time….

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TelePrompTer Prompter Use for Corporate Video

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How to use a Teleprompter (or prompter) for Corporate Video While shooting a corporate video, it might become necessary to use a teleprompter (often shortened to just “prompter”).  And today, prompter use is much easier and more available than it was twenty or thirty years ago.  The first prompter was built in 1950 and trademarked into the TelePrompTer company.  The use of the word became so common, the trademark became genericized.  When I first started in the industry in the late 80’s, the first prompter I used had a paper roll that we printed onto and was magnified up with something akin to an overhead projector. The principle of the prompter is to angle a coated piece of glass in front of the camera lens that will reflect on one side and not on the other.  This special glass gives…

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Corporate Event Video and Filming Types

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In the video industry, there are several substantially different event video types.  Today, we’re going to talk about the Corporate Event Video coverage and what various styles come with that.  Many people will search the internet for a video event production company.  But they might be thinking of covering their child’s birthday, a wedding, or a family reunion.  This article today will discuss the corporate event– the conference, seminar, corporate party, or meeting. Video Coverage of the Corporate Event Video production services for events can vary.  The first service is Event Coverage.  This is where we place a camera or several cameras, to record the event, which for corporate clients usually involves speaking from a stage.  Occasionally, it might be an event out on location where a demonstration is taking place.  We will usually provide a camera with long lenses from…

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Commercial Studio Shoot

National Commercial Shoot- The Quick Turnaround

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Sometimes, your client needs a quick turnaround on a commercial shoot.  How can you plan and prepare for a tight deadline?  In today’s blog, we go through some tips, tricks and techniques to successfully deliver a national spot in a week or less.  And how do you deliver on such a tight turnaround while maintaining quality and effectiveness?  The number one key to turning around a video production in a short time is Decisiveness.  You won’t have the luxury of time to go back and forth.  And even though we are a Dallas based production company, our commercial shoots take us all around the company. The Normal National Spot For a normal national spot, it can take months.  Usually, the creatives (at our production house, the agency, the client) get together and come up with concepts.  Then maybe storyboards (whether…

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The Explainer Infographic Animated Video

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What is an Explainer Video? The Explainer Video has it’s root in cell animation going back decades– before the use of computers.  Educational films, both for schools and industry would be an animated, cell by cell, to demonstrate the subject.  Once computers became available, animation migrated over to that platform.  Today, computer generated graphics is the basis for an Explainer Video.   So what is the Explainer Video?  An Explainer Video is a short 2D animation that demonstrates your product or service on top of a voice over with sound and music.  The style can be cartoonish or text driven, and can be very simple or complex depending on what you need and how much time it takes the animators to do it. How Do You Make an Explainer Video? Script – The first step in an Explainer Video is to…

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building corporate video library

The Importance of Building the Corporate Video Library

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Lots of Shooting = Corporate Video Library There’s power in having a lot of footage to pull from when creating the corporate video.  So let’s talk about how to build a library of footage and videos.  When we start shooting for a new corporate client, it’s usually for a very specific video… maybe a training video or a web video.  When we shoot, we don’t ever delete anything.  That footage goes onto harddrives and those harddrives are backed up to tapes. The Corporate Office Needs a Video Then you have a short conference that needs recording.  After that, the CEO wants to send a video message out to the corporate employees.  And there’s that new office renovation that could use a timelapse.   Oh and the corporate headquarters needs a drone shot.  All that footage starts to build up.  Your corporate…

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the keyman adam baldwin

First Time Filmmaker – Lessons Learned

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Making the Feature Film “The Keyman” It’s been 17 years.  20 if you count the birth of the script—which was in the summer of 1997.  I worked in corporate and commercial videography and always dreamed of being a filmmaker.  The idea for the movie “The Keyman”  came to me in the parking lot of a grocery store.  It was a huge “what if” question to something that had just happened to me.  We shot the film in September of 2000, and released it in 2002. After my first film “The Keyman” (now available on iTunes and Amazon Prime) , I went on to direct four more movies over the next decade.  But the first film is usually special and it was no different for me.  Here are some of the biggest things I learned. First Time Filmmaker Needs to Hire…

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