Serendipitous Films is a full service film and video production company, specializing in corporate video, commercials, music videos and other production services like shooting and editing.

There was a time when Dallas claimed the moniker of “the third coast.”  Obviously, LA and NYC are first two, and in the 80’s, movies and tv shows were coming to Dallas.

The allure is clear– Dallas has a strong national commercial production industry, which provides top quality crew and equipment.  So bringing the entertainment work in is a great compliment to the corporate and commercial video and film work.  Since the 80’s, Dallas has been on a  roller coaster of a ride– seeing the heights of Walker, Texas Ranger shoot week to week providing much in the way of jobs and rentals.  And seeing the lows, like when the SAG Commercial actor strike diminished the commercial market and it took years to recover.  Or the lows when neighboring states New Mexico and Louisiana started offering huge incentives for movies and tv shows, and nodoby would shoot anything serious or big here.

Today, Dallas is again on the upswing.  A year ago, three tv shows were shooting here (unfortunately all three cancelled), and today several more have taken their place.  Movies continue to lens in North Texas, but most of them are micro-budget indie films.

The bottomline for Dallas film and video production, is that there are great crews here, top notch equipment, and prices that are lower than the other two coasts.  At Serendipitous Films, we shoot a lot of our work in Dallas, as well as in our adjoining home city of Fort Worth.  We travel all over North Texas to take care of our production company