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The Importance of Building the Corporate Video Library

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Lots of Shooting = Corporate Video Library There’s power in having a lot of footage to pull from when creating the corporate video.  So let’s talk about how to build a library of footage and videos.  When we start shooting for a new corporate client, it’s usually for a very specific video… maybe a training video or a web video.  When we shoot, we don’t ever delete anything.  That footage goes onto harddrives and those harddrives are backed up to tapes. The Corporate Office Needs a Video Then you have a short conference that needs recording.  After that, the CEO wants to send a video message out to the corporate employees.  And there’s that new office renovation that could use a timelapse.   Oh and the corporate headquarters needs a drone shot.  All that footage starts to build up.  Your corporate…

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Levels of Corporate Video Production Companies in Dallas

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When looking for a company in Dallas to produce that corporate video, you will find several different levels of production companies. And the corporate video production we’re talking about here are marketing videos, training videos, internal communications, sales and product videos, and web videos.  This is for the Director of Sales and Marketing, the head of corporate communications, the public relations team, or the person in charge of corporate training. We break down the levels into four sizes—the Big Dogs, the medium size, the small company and the one-man band. Let’s start at the bottom and work up. For some reason, the creative services industry can bring out some of the biggest egos in people. And this occurs throughout the following list. When you are looking for a great video production company in Dallas to work with, in addition to…

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Top 3 Reasons People Love Their Corporate Video

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Passion for the Dallas Corporate Video Here in Dallas, Texas, we enjoy nothing more than to see the look on a clients face when they see one of our extraordinary videos. Not only do sweat and tears go into every video we do, but our heart and soul as well. We take the client’s expectation and desires and then we try to go above and beyond the call of duty. This not only ensures that the client will be satisfied, but also that they will be calling us the next time they need a video done. We all love return business. So what are the elements that need to be in a corporate video to get a “call-back”? Well, besides being a pleasure to work with, here are the top 3 things that are must-haves in your next corporate video. Production…

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Why Dallas for Corporate Video?

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The Big D King of Corporate Video The Dallas metropolitan area is a have for corporate video production and corporate communication.  A strong crew base, many video production companies, studios and resources are available in Dallas.  Some might say this is due to the strong number of large corporations headquartered here.  Names like Exxon, Kimberly Clark, Frito-Lay.  But all the large companies will have their own video production divisions or departments.  And you can point to places like Houston– they have many large corporations but the video and film production resources available in Houston are small in comparison to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The key to the corporate video industry in Dallas is the number of progressive and growing mid-size companies.  Mid-size means they need the communication muscle that the large Fortune 500 companies have, but don’t have the internal…

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How Long is a Corporate Video?

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It’s a Matter of Length One of the most common questions we get asked by our clients is how long their video should be.  In some ways, it’s akin to asking how long is a piece of string.  Well, it all depends.  Let’s look at some of the variables. Variables for Your Corporate Video Who is your audience?  Is it an older crowd that grew up on 1960’s and 70’s television and movies?  Or is it a much younger crowd who has grown up on YouTube?  That younger person is not going to easily sit through even a ten minute video, unless you keep a very fast pace in the editing.  Likewise, the older person might be turned off a bit by the “MTV” style editing.  We did a video on a retirement plan– it was a little longer than some…

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Dallas Video Production Drives Corporate Filmmaking

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The Corporate Video Meets the Movie At Serendipitous Films, we have a long track record of award-winning corporate video experience.  But one skillset that is being utilized more and more in corporate video is our experienced in feature films.  It’s not enough to train, motivate and sell through talking heads for some corporations.  So we’re being asked to create exciting canvasses to communicate the client’s content. Case in point– over the years, our most awarded and successful training video was a spoof of Forest Gump.  Today, that continues with a Fortune 500 company calling on us to create little “movies” with their employees to train on program and service features.  Another client is asking for a promotional video in the form of a movie trailer.  This generation is the YouTube Generation.  Videos need to be quick, funny, sincere, sensational.  And…

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