Two Tips for Stellar Results Through Video Marketing

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Video Marketing is no longer an option

Over the past several years, consumers have become more and more inclined to watch videos online and as a result, video marketing has become both an effective and popular way of marketing to consumers. Many companies are finding that video marketing is no longer an option for them, rather it is an essential marketing tool that customers expect them to use; if you’re just beginning with video marketing, here are a few quick tips to help you reach out to your market with more effective communication and a higher possibility for success.

Use powerful hooks to attract and retain your audience 

The titles you use, as well as the first bit of copy in your video or sales letter are called ‘hooks.” Hooks should be specifically designed to entice potential clients into obtaining further information on your product or service based on how well you draw them into watching your video.

One of the most difficult challenges facing marketers today, particularly on the internet, is the fact that there is such a wealth of material on almost any subject that buyers often find themselves completely overwhelmed by information.  This invariably leads to consumers blocking out an enormous amount of promotional material with barely more than a quick glance, so earning and keeping people’s attention is getting more difficult.

Powerful hooks are needed to attract and retain your audience’s attention.  Timing and targeting is of the essence, especially given that you probably only have 2-3 seconds at most to draw their interest before they discard your material and move on.

Know your market and where they congregate online 

When it comes to any type of marketing the most important factor that will determine how well you connect with your audience is how well you know your market; understand your target demographics and know without question the problems they are trying to solve and the ways your products will help them solve it. Tie this in with a great story where they are the hero and they will feel like you know them and understand them.

As a marketer it’s up to you to get close to your target audience and offer quick, efficient solutions to the issues they’re facing; research your demographic very carefully to determine not only basic information like age, gender, location and the like, but learn about their buying behaviour as well as the wants and needs they are truly trying to have filled. Know what communities they are a part of, where they congregate online, and what social media networks they are active on.

The more your video marketing can address your target market’s specific wants and needs, the more successful your campaigns will be.

So while there are a variety of things to consider when making your video marketing a success, following these two tips will go a long way toward ensuring that you reach your buyers effectively and convince them to take a look at what you have to say; video marketing is an enormous segment of the marketing profession these days and it can be a highly profitable way to brand your company and break through the clutter.

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