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The 3 Levels of Drone Quality in Corporate Video Production

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Drones taking Corporate Video by Storm Drones hit corporate video by storm over five years ago.  They were a video production tool that offered a fresh and different view.  And they were cool.  Until they flew into the client’s car or that building.  And looking back five years ago, there were two levels of drones– the consumer level (DJI had just introduced the original phantom) and the professional level (custom built kits, some with eight blades that could carry the big cinema cameras). The Hurdles in the Sky Back then, there were many hurdles to using drones in corporate video.  First and foremost was legality.   The airspace in the US is regulated by the FAA, and to accept any money for use of an aircraft in the FAA’s airspace, you had to have a commercial pilots license.  This could…

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Downtime Conversation on a Corporate Video Shoot

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Working on corporate sets can be long and tiresome, however you can usually expect to experience some downtime. Every once in a while you’ll have some time on set where there’s nothing for you to do. Everything has been set up on your part and maybe you’re waiting for talent or props or, like what we faced the other day, literally watching paint dry. Just like with any other job or career you will want to converse with and get to know the people you are working along side. Now there are some topics that you want to stay away from. Of course, you’ll want to stay away from the usual controversial topics, such as religion and politics, but then which topics are safe? There are definitely some topics that you and others can comfortably discuss. Many of which are…

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Corporate Video Library

The Importance of the Corporate Video Library

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The Corporate Video Library Let’s talk about a key part of having great corporate video—building a library of footage and videos. When we start shooting for a new corporate client, it’s usually for a very specific video… maybe a training video or a web video. When we shoot, we don’t ever delete anything. That footage goes onto harddrives and those harddrives are backed up to tapes. Building Videos Then we get called to shoot for a second project. And then a third. And that footage starts to build up. Then you call us because you need a quick internal video on your company culture. You send us a script or voice over and we pull from these previous shoots to put video over that voice over. Without ever shooting anything. And it’s fast. Clients that we’ve been working with for…

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Job Posting: After Effects Artist/Editor/Shooter

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After Effects Artist/Editor/Shooter Serendipitous Films Inc, located on the east side of Fort Worth, is looking for an After Effects Artist who can also handle overflow editing and some shooting. While the position doesn’t necessarily require many years of experience, we are looking for someone who is “advanced” in After Effects. This will be a staff position at our Fort Worth offices. The most important aspect is how well the applicant fits in with us—chemistry is everything here at SFilms. Secondly will be ability. Everything else follows those two things. So if you like to have fun and enjoy working extremely hard, this might be for you. Contact by sending resume but more importantly links to your reel. No phone calls please. Responsibilities: Create 2D animations, motion graphics, logos and other animation support for video projects. 3D not mandatory,…

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Levels of Corporate Video Production Companies in Dallas

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When looking for a company in Dallas to produce that corporate video, you will find several different levels of production companies. And the corporate video production we’re talking about here are marketing videos, training videos, internal communications, sales and product videos, and web videos.  This is for the Director of Sales and Marketing, the head of corporate communications, the public relations team, or the person in charge of corporate training. We break down the levels into four sizes—the Big Dogs, the medium size, the small company and the one-man band. Let’s start at the bottom and work up. For some reason, the creative services industry can bring out some of the biggest egos in people. And this occurs throughout the following list. When you are looking for a great video production company in Dallas to work with, in addition to…

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Drone UAV Preflight Checklist 3DR Solo

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3DR Solo Flight Checklists What follows is our UAV checklist specifically for the 3DR Solo drone (or UAV).  We require all operators to follow the checklist to insure safe and proper operation of the aerial platform. Before Leaving Charge drone batteries Charge controller Charge ipad mini Ensure GoPro Hero 4 has card   Arriving Exterior Location PREFLIGHT Visually inspect area of operation, noting poles, antennas and other physical hazards Observe wind direction and approximate wind speeds Place props on motors (make sure they are tight) Put fully charged battery on drone Remove Gimbal foam, protecting gimbal during shipping Choose launch site—make sure it is a safe place for an emergency “return home” command Place drone on launch site (must be away from metal and be level) Power up drone Discuss with Spotter the flight path and flight plan Power up…

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Corporate Video Shoot VS Movie/TV Shoot

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There are big differences when it comes to being on a TV or movie set or being on a corporate shoot. Both have their pros and cons. So, lets divvy them up shall we?   Movie/TV Film Set Corporate Video Set Breakfast is regularly provided and usually consists of hearty breakfasts foods Breakfast may or may not be provided depending on the call time, but if it is it can range from fast-food to coffee and doughnuts Buffet-style lunch, so you get whatever catering deems edible Usually ordering from a restaurant nearby, so you choose from a menu 12-15 hour days with short turnarounds Normally 8 hours or less 60+ crew members Anywhere from 2-20 people (usually an average of 4-8) Union and non-union Usually non-union Designated departments (i.e.- camera, grip, electric, wardrobe, etc.) and you can get in serious…

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How to be a Spotter for a Drone Operator

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Why Use a Spotter in Drone Shooting? Aerial footage is something that many clients request for a corporate video shoot or production. Whenever someone shoots with a drone (sometimes called a UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle), the person operating the drone is designated the drone operator. The drone operator is not there only to fly the drone. They are also responsible for the look, movement, and feel of the footage. it is difficult for drone operators to watch their surroundings, since they are also busy concentrating on the flight of the drone. This is where a spotter comes in handy. You may be asked to spot for a drone operator and there are a few things that you’ll need to know.  And for companies that get FAA approval for drone operations (a FAA 333 Exemption), a spotter is mandatory.  …

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DJI Osmo Review – Great for Corporate Video

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Handheld gimbals are not new anymore, and the release of the DJI Osmo moves the handheld gimbal into the next generation.  Ever since we grabbed our small phantom drone, turned it on, and held on to it, moving around the location to get that “steadicam” effect, it was clear a new market (or call it a new tool for the videographer) was opening up. Several years ago, we here at SFilms in Dallas purchased a relatively cheap powered gimbal (sold by a US distributor, but clearly made in China).  It required a GoPro, but we used the device constantly in our corporate videos.  It was taken on road tours for a corporate retail client of ours, for internal communications, and we used it on construction sites and other places as well.  And it fell apart.  We had to take screws…

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